HydroTops Top Heavy Crop

Size: 125ml
Sale price£36.95


Top Heavy Crop from Hydrotops100% natural stimulant developed to shorten the veg cycle, decrease internodal spacing and create bushier and heavier plants without the use of PGR's.

Suitable for use with all types of growing media and nutrient regimes, Top Heavy Crop is used as soon as plants are established (approximately week 3 of Veg) and can be used right through to week 7 of the flowering phase.

Top Heavy Crop ensures your media remains active and your plant produces the highest quality possible.HydroTops - Top Heavy CropEnhances and optimises cellular division and physiological function in your plants.Additionally, the protein mechanisms and carbohydrate metabolism are positively stimulated thus increasing plant growth rate, in addition to the number of branches and flowering sites produced.It is usual to see shorter internodal lengths and a more compact branch structure.

You may find it necessary to remove some of the larger leaves to allow good light penetration to the emerging branches.Expect to produce a very bushy plant, a shorter vegetative growth period, with an increase in yield and crop quality.

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