HydroTops Triple F

Size: 125ml
Sale price£34.95


HydroTops Triple F HydroTops Triple F is made for flowers, the 100% natural option for super buds. Supplied as a two-part bio-stimulant complex, part one is a blend of micro organisms in dried suspension, and the part tow is a liquid catalyst suspension, which acts as an initial food source for the micro organisms and complex agent for the symbiotic relationship developed between micro organisms and plant root systems.

Using Triple F increases final yield and increases substantially the density of your floral clusters.

HydroTops Triple F is available in 3 Sizes:-  125ml – treats 250 litres 250ml – treats 500 litres 500ml – treats 1000 litres Triple F is designed to work in harmony with all HydroTops nutrients products, but notably as additional bio-stimulation to Bactivator. Bactivator is the foundation on which Triple F builds an outstanding harvest.

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