Hyper Fan V2 Extaction Fan

Size: 5-Inch V2: 360 m3/hr
Sale price£135.00


This V2 Phresh Hyper Fan is even better than the original version! With its new adapted 9-pole EC motors that give bigger levels of static pressure yet still stay extremely quiet. This hyper fan will give the lowest power consumption possible whilst not compromising on performance levels. These are more powerful, quiet, and efficient fans espeically when comparing it to your typical AC fan. Not only this the V2 Phresh Hyper Fan has Abec 7 self lubricating bearings making it very robust and durable.

Airflow Rates

6-Inch V2: 535 m3/hr
8-Inch V2: 1230 m3/hr
10-Inch V2: 1840 m3/hr
12-Inch V2: 3100 m3/hr

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