Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller

Sale price£99.95


To maximise your yields, plants should ideally be fed minimally and regularly. Adjusting your feed durations to frequent intervals increases nutrient uptake and the absorption of oxygen, making the most of your nutrients and boosting the general health of your crop

The Imperium plus features an integrated Grasslin Segmental timer. It has 28 feed settings that can feed from 1 second up to 15 minutes  and  a larger number of shorter feeds can be programmed eg instead of 15 minutes twice a day you can feed for a 5 minute duration 6 times a day.

It features a simple push button control and LED’s illuminate to inform you that you’ve altered from minutes to seconds or minutes to seconds.

Imperium Plus has two built-in plug sockets which are able to power more timed dripper systems. It can be plugged into any timed feed drip system or equipment.

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