IV:XX Compression Sprayers

Size: 1L Trigger Sprayer
Sale price£7.80


IV:XX Pressure Sprayer in 2L, 3L and 5L Capacities 

The IV:XX Time to Grow Pressure Sprayer is shatterproof and frost resistant, and suitable for use with garden chemicals and nutrients to evenly coat your plants' foliage. Includes an adjustable spray lance for targeted applications. 

How to Clean Your Pressure Sprayer Make sure to carefully discard any unused liquid from the sprayer.  Add a small amount of detergent and some warm water (not too hot) to the sprayer, and spray through the lance thoroughly. Repeat this process with clean cold water.  Check the nozzle spindle is free from any sediment After use and before storage, you should release the pressure from the cylinder. Do this by pulling the pressure release valve upwards.  If at any point the unit becomes damaged or splits, please discontinue use. 

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