IWS Universal Pots, Stands and Outers

Style: Punched Inner (10.5L)
Sale price£3.95


Understanding the IWS Flood & Drain System:

  1. Aqua Inner: The IWS Inner Pot, known as Aqua Inner, is placed within a separately available IWS Outer Pot as part of the IWS System. It serves as a net pot with extensive drainage areas on the bottom and sides, ideal for free-draining mediums like clay pebbles. It accommodates 6.5 liters of substrate. Dimensions: 185mm (h) x 285mm (d)

  2. Culture Inner: Specifically crafted for finer substrates such as coco coir, the Culture Inner features sealed sides to prevent substrate fragments from causing blockages in the system. It maintains excellent drainage and holds 6.5 liters of growing medium. Dimensions: 185mm (h) x 285mm (d)

  3. Big Punch: The Punch Inner optimally utilizes the space within your IWS Outer Pot, offering straight sides and a well-drained bottom. Suitable for use with any medium, the Big Punch Inner can contain up to 10.5 liters of substrate. Dimensions: 185mm (h) x 285mm (d)

  4. Outer Pot: Placed atop the separately available IWS Pot Stand, the IWS Outer Pot houses your chosen IWS Inner Pot. In a flood & drain system, the Outer Pot facilitates the flooding of the substrate from underneath. Dimensions: 230mm (h) x 290mm (d)

  5. Universal Pot Stand: An integral part of the IWS Flood & Drain system, the Universal Pot Stand provides the foundation for your IWS Outer Pot and IWS Inner Pot. Elevating your containers ensures the nutrient solution rises to the correct level during substrate flooding. The stand features a sloped surface for efficient nutrient drainage back to the reservoir and includes a V-shaped indent for accommodating an IWS Gland. Dimensions: 320mm (d) x 85mm (h)

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