Jiffy Pro7 Light Soil Mix 50L

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PRO7 LIGHT MIX is natural, clean and light; an air enriched peat based potting mix that gives you the control. It sets itself apart from other substrates through its use of the purest raw materials, that conform to the strictest RHP standards from Jiffy’s modern mixing facility in Estonia.

A combination of research and growing expertise, using high quality blends of white and black peat with perlite, resulting in a light open mix typically found in PRO7 quality substrates. It has a superb air to water relationship, ensuring optimal drainage throughout whilst creating ideal air filled porosity for almost every method of cultivation. All our products use clean certified raw materials free from pest and disease, creating a reliable professional compost not found in some lower grade substrates.

Benefits of PRO7 LIGHT MIX

  • Strong, rapid rooting through low EC value and optimal air to water ratio
  • Charged to kickstart microbial life
  • Low EC, pre-fertilised for one week for a fast start
  • Use for all phases of your plant’s growth, rooting, growing and blooming
  • Use indoors or outdoors, with hand watering or irrigation systems
  • Produced under RHP standards

Only a minimal amount of nutrients have been added to PRO7 Lightmix – pre-set at an EC of ±0.5, with trace elements and lime; designed to get the vital micro activity going to act as a catalysts that jump starts root development leading to strong, high performing plants. The addition of trace elements and chelates ensures your plants get exactly what they need in their first week and the perfect basis to fertilise according to your own judgement.

pH is set at 5.8, which is optimum for nutrient availability to the plant; the special blend of peats that we use produces a self-regulating system, minimising large pH swings.

Giving your precious plants the best start in life with PRO7 LIGHTMIX will not only ensure you have optimum growth and flowering, it will also enable them to better resist disease and attacks from pests, ensuring you have a bumper harvest.

How to use:

PRO7 LIGHTMIX is a substrate for direct use when you are planting and transplanting flowering plants. Start fertilising after the first week.

If you are using automated irrigation systems, it is important that the water properly irrigates and drains through all of the substrate; if the substrate becomes too wet it can cause algae and mould to form which can lead to disease.

We recommend a professional quality nutrient such as VitaLink Plant Start in the propagation phase, VitaLink Earth Grow feed for your vegetive phase and VitaLink Earth Bloom in your flowering phase.

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