LightHouse Round DryNet 55cm (21.7")

Sale price£15.95


The multi-layer LightHouse 55cm Dry Net is made to hang in your grow tent. Able to dry flowers or herbs on 8 x 55cm layers, it’s collapsable and easy to store when not in use.

The vented sides allows for maximum air flow ensuring an evenly dried product. The LightHouse 55cm Dry Net sturdy design means it’s able to handle a decent amount of product. When you’ve decided that now is the time to harvest your flower, it’s best to cut down the whole plant.

Carefully remove flowers from stems and spread out on the net. Leave space between flowers to prevent any spots that do not dry properly. If you aren’t able to dry in a tent, choose a space thats cool, dark and dry. Temps under 20 degrees and humidity levels below 50% are preferred for drying flower. The space only needs a small amount of ventilation, no ventilation is bad. An empty hanging cupboard with the door opened and closed 2-3 times a day is perfect. Turn flowers placed on the net daily to stop them from going flat on one side. When Flowers feel crispy to the touch and leaves shriveled, you’re ready to trim.  Also available in 75cm.

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