Ecothrive Grassroots Living Soil Pots

Size: 19L
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Emulating nature with MoistureLock technology, Grassroots pots are made specifically for living soil.

  • USA made, super-durable high-quality fabric.
  • High performance pots made for living soil systems.
  • Improved soil microbial activity due to slower soil drying.
  • Unique non-breathable liner for better water retention and even soil moisture.
  • Reduced wet-dry cycle.
  • Re-usable many many times.
  • Ideal for no-till container growing.

How It Works:

Regular pots are made from breathable fabric that allows for excellent air pruning and drainage, but these specific features can create an interesting problem when used with living soils.

Soil in fabric containers dries quickly from the bottom and at the sides. This is generally great for hydroponic style irrigation, where you want quick drying and frequent watering. However, this quick drying at the sides creates a zone of soil that is not good at supporting soil microbial life. Here, the soil can get so dry the microbial communities go dormant or even die, and therefore cannot unlock nutrition from the soil and supply it to the plant. This zone around the edge of the pot is essentially wasted soil, that can be kept moist and allowed to flourish with microbial activity with the help the MoistureLock Liner.

MoistureLock is here to help your microbiology thrive.

MoistureLock™ is a strip of BPA-free waterproof fabric sewn to the inside of the container that provides many benefits.

  • Directs water downward. This helps to avoid dry pockets in the soil.
  • Promotes even moisture throughout the soil. Regular fabric pots dry from the sides. MoistureLock™ prevents that, simulating the way soil dries in nature. This helps the microbiology thrive.
  • Less water usage! There is less surface area for water to escape the container, which means less water usage and lower humidity when growing indoors.
  • Aeration and air pruning comes from the strip of breathable fabric towards the bottom of the container.

Living Soil Pots are in it for the long haul

Grassroots are committed to making high quality products, their Living Soil Pots are one of a kind, and the market leader in the USA for growers using living soil.

  • BPA-free, waterproof MoistureLock™ liner with incredible benefits.
  • Drainage and aeration strip at the bottom.
  • USA-made tan coloured fabric for healthy soil and roots.
  • Bottom seam sewn on the outside with marine-bonded thread to prevent decay.
  • High-quality triple hem on top for added strength.
  • Sewn in Norther California with blood, sweat, AND tears. (just kidding)

How to Use

Simply fill the pots with soil and place onto a catchment tray if necessary.

Even the large pots do not need any framework, so are a cost-effective way to set up a bed.


(US gal)
19 5 30 24
38 10 41 30
56 15 46 36
76 20 51 38
115 30 61 41
170 45 69 46
245 65 81 46
380 100 97 51

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