Magna Mater Mono Silicic

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Magna Mater Mono-Silic: Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1LAnother Flag ship Product of Magna Mater is their Mono Silicic Acid. This product can be used as a standalone product alongside any other nutrient range.

Magna Mater mono silicic Acid is one of the most highly concentrated formulas on the market with a dilution ratio of: -Grow & flower week 1 till Finnish – 0.3ml/10LFoliar application fortnightly – 5ml/10LMagna Mater mono silicic is suitable for use from seedlings to harvest.Magna

Mater mono silicic greatly enhances the plants defences against external stresses including low and high temperature swings, mould such as botrytis and pest infestations.One of the main benefits of Magna mater mono silicic acid is that it increases the amount of chlorophyll in the plant, this combined with stronger cell wall production increases the ability of the plant to uptake and distribute the rest of the nutrient profile increasing yield and terpene production.

How it works

Plants can only access Silicon in its bioavailable form: mono silicic acid, so when you use a stabilised mono, your plants can absorb and use Silicon in hours after application as opposed to weeks for traditional silicate products.Derived from 40% Mono silicic Acid. This high concentration 40% strength solution uses proprietary ethanol technology to deliver optimized levels of mono silicic via solution and / or foliar feeding giving you the best value and most effective way to supply your plants with Si.Silicon is used by plants to reinforce cell structure giving you thicker stems and increased resistance against pests, moulds and other pathogens.Silicon is a perfect addition to any nutrient range to increase leaf size, root mass and Brix content.Powered By Grow GeniusTM

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