Magna Mater Roots

Size: 250ml
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Magna Mater Roots

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L & 5L

There is more than one flagship product to the Magna Mater range, but their Magna Mater roots formulation is certainly one of them.

Being one of the most highly concentrated root formulation on the market at a dilution ratio of:-
Propagation - 2ml/L
Stress Relief - 1ml/L
Veg Weeks 1-4 – 1ml/10L
Flower Weeks 1-3 1ml/10L

Magna Mater Roots packs a right punch giving the user explosive and rapid root growth. But it does not stop there. This formulation also massively boosts the young plants immune response, helping strengthen young cuttings preventing disease.

This product is also great value with dilution rates that blow your mind!!

How does it do it !!

Magna Mater’s highly effective rooting agent shortens the protein building process in your plant and supplies an array of auxins that initiate explosive root growth.
Derived from Auxins, Enzymes, Beneficial Microbes, Proteins and Amino Acids.
It compiles vitamins to boost, support and relieve stressful periods of the plant’s life cycle, such as in propagation or as part of a rescue remedy throughout.
This concentrated rooting formula is suitable for use with all growing systems and substrates.

Best Results

Magna Mater advise running the roots with their Mono-Silicic Acid for even better results. This dual formulation will give the plants, better symmetry, stronger cell walls increasing the plants resilience in such areas as temperature swings and pest and disease infestations.
One of the most important factors is the increase in chlorophyl in the leaves enabling the young plant to photosynthesize more efficiently increasing the growth rates.

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