Maxibright Daylight 600w CMH 3k Lamp

Sale price£99.69


Full spectrum, intense output CMH lamp.

Ever wanted to take advantage of full spectrum growing but don’t want the expense of swapping out all your old power packs and reflectors?

Well fear not dearest grower, DAYLIGHT have brought the power of full spectrum growing right to your finger-tips, without the high cost that can often be associated. The DAYLIGHT 600W 3K CMH lamp comes with a familiar E40 screw fitting, ready to integrate exclusively into your existing digital or magnetic 600W power packs.

Ideal for the flowering stage of growth, with an efficiency of 1.6 µmol/s and an enhanced red, full PAR spectrum.


Intense output with an enhanced, full spectrum: 90% CRI. A total PPF of 960 µmol/s, giving a lamp efficiency of 1.6 µmol/J.


Improved balanced spectrum with enhanced red for optimal flowering.

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