Maxibright Daylight 600w CMH 4k Lamp

Sale price£99.69


Amazing CRI (97%), full spectrum and high output CMH lamp.

Ever wanted to switch over from HPS to using Ceramic Metal Halide lamps but found the kits cost too prohibitive? Now being compatible with magnetic AND digital power packs alike, the DAYLIGHT 600W 4K CMH lamps solve that problem for you.

Providing a full spectrum of light with an impressive 1.6umol/J efficiency, these 4K Elite lamps are an ideal spectrum for the vegetative stages of growth, and can be integrated into any existing 600W lighting system with ease. Do your plants a favour and make the switch today.


Full spectrum high PAR output (960 µmol/s), with the highest Colour Rendering Index of any DAYLIGHT lamp (97%).


Energy efficient: high PAR output per Watt. Improved balanced spectrum with an enhanced blue region for outstanding vegetative growth.

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