Maxibright Daylight Lighting Controller

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The new DAYLIGHT controller, for when you need complete control with precision and versatility. Weather you need to control your DAYLIGHT LEDs or CMH bulbs, this controller is the perfect addition to your grow room. Easy to use with functions every pro grower would need: sunrise sunset, dimming on overheat or just controlling the timings for your lights this is the controller for you. Intuitive to use, the controller connects via the iLink ports making daisy chaining multiple units a breeze while controlling it all from one unit.  

  • On/Off 24hr timer 
  • Works with Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315w HID or 480w, 660w LED. 
  • Temperature safety control  
  • Dimming range LED 20%-100% HID 50%-100% in 1% increments thermostatically controlled dimming 
  • Two zone A & B controlled independently  
  • Control up to 400 HID ballast or 100 LED drivers. Max 200 ballasts per zone or Max 50 LEDs per zone 

How to Use 

Super easy to use, the DAYLIGHT controller offers all the functions a pro grower would need like Sunset and sunrise dimming which controls temperatures and timing for banks of lights. Use the iLink ports to daisy chain multiple fixtures together you can control up to 400 HID ballast or 100 LED drivers. Remember, if you're daisy chaining multiple fixtures, you’ll need a iLink for cable for every extra unit. 

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