Maxibright Daylight Remote Horizon Wide Angle Reflector

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DAYLIGHT 315W Horizon Remote

Wide Angled 315W CMH Reflector

The DAYLIGHT 315W Horizon Reflector is designed to give extremely uniform PAR levels, over a wide-ranging area.  Ideal for supplementing your existing HPS grow rooms with all the benefits of full-spectrum lighting, or for grow rooms that have limited head-heights.


Efficient dual-wing reflector made from 98% reflective material. Available in ‘remote’ or ‘connect’ for minimising cables. Balanced hooks for easy hanging.


Dual-wing design maintains a cooler lamp and gives uniform coverage over a wide area. Perfect for  low head-heights or supplementing HPS grow rooms.


Weights: Remote 2.5Kg max – Connect weight 6Kg.

Dimensions: 260mm x 210mm x 115mm. Cable length: 5m.

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