Maxipot Twist and Lock 15L Pot and Saucer

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Maxipot Twist and Lock 15L Pot and Saucer 

Maxipot Twist and Lock pots come with a specially designed saucer that fits directly beneath the pot for in-built aeration for better drainage and stronger roots. 

Plastic plant pots often sit directly upon their saucer, preventing water from properly draining away. Many pots feature drainage holes around their sides to combat this, but pot stands are another solution to the problem of improper drainage. The Maxipot Twist and Lock pot and saucer system removes the need for pot stands, which can often be unstable and difficult to adjust, giving you all the benefits of elevated plant pots, in one handy system. 

Because the Maxipot has space for air circulation between the pot and saucer, air pruning is promoted and roots will become stronger over time, with increased root systems growing from your plant in response. 

When plants are left to sit in their used water, root rot can begin to form, along with a host of other potential harmful side effects. The Lift and Twist feature of the Maxipot Twist and Lock helps to keep your roots at the optimum moisture level, leading to healthier and stronger plants. 

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