Maxiswitch 26 Amp 8 Way Contactor (Inbuilt Timer)

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Maxiswitch 26 Amp 8 Way Contactor (Inbuilt Timer)

Maxibright Maxiswitch Control Units

Maxibright Maxiswitch control units are British made using only quality components including Gewiss enclosures, GE contactors, IMO relays and built in Grasslin timers.

Timers alone cannot handle the initial start up current of H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) lighting. 

This unit can handle up to 5 x 1000watt lights.

Power ratings:

- 250W = 1.3 amp
- 400W = 2.4 amp
- 600W = 3.1 amp
- 1000W = 5 amp

(amp rating may vary, check with manufacturer)

The contractor or relay unit should be matched to the power the contractor or relay is used for, so for 4 x 600 Watt ballasts a relay or contactor above 12.4amp with 4 power outlets can be used.

Simply, a relay is cheaper than a contactor - generally. A contactor is used for a higher load.

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