MaxiSwitch Pro Contactor Timer

Sockets: 2 Way
Sale price£49.95


The MaxiSwitch Pro Contactor has been developed to control your light cycle so you don't have to! Manufactured using top quality Grasslin panel mounted timers these contactors will ensure your light cycle will always be on time.

The Grasslin timers used in the MaxiSwitch Pro are German-produced, heavy duty segmental timers, these are divided into 
15-minute intervals so you get maximum flexibility over your lighting.

MaxiSwitch Pro Contactors are made exclusively in the UK and comply with the strict CE (European Conformity) build standards. This means you can rest assured that your MaxiSwitch Pro Contactor is made with the best materials available and to the highest possible standards. MaxiSwitch are confident of the quality of their products and all their Pro Contactors come with a 2-year guarantee

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