Medusa Baseline Run Off Trays

Size: Small
Sale price£6.49


The Baseline run off system has been designed to to fit any configuration, whether being used is a small grow tent large facility the Baseline system can be set up to work in any space.

The Baseline trays are connected together using flexible pipe and popular hydro fittings and then to a brain/ pump housing (optional), the plants are placed on top of the trays and  fed using any feeding method. Once the run off leaves the pot it is directed to the centre of the tray and then out through the pipe fittings. The ideal amount of run off is between 10-20% as this gives the plants everything that they require while washing away any salts.

The Baseline trays and systems have been designed for strength, durability and flexibility to suit as many growing styles as possible.

We have three sizes of tray with each size having a booster option which helps compensate for uneven floors and can increase the flow rate of the run off where needed.

  • Small Baseline Tray fits pots up to 24cm diameter or 24cm square.
  • Medium Baseline Tray fits pots up to 30cm diameter or 30 cm square
  • Large Baseline Tray fits pots up to 40cm diameter or 40cm square

The trays have a 25mm hole for connecting pipe fittings and 3x 75mm holes for running the pipe away, the three holes allow for various configurations with the option of running the pipe underneath the trays to prevent tripping or out through the front hole for ease of assembly.


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