Megapot 22L Module

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The Megapot module – 22L is the perfect system for Growing in fabric pots. The capillary action of the pot combined with your favourite Hydroponic Substrate Keeps the plant roots at their optimal hydration.

What is the Megapot Module?

This Component is ideal for those wishing to install a simple to use reliable automatic watering system for 22L Fabric Pots.

The tray underneath the pot fills with water to a pre-determined level and the capillary action of the pot and substrate ensure the plant roots get the moisture Nutrient and oxygen they need to provide optimal plant Growth. Megapot modules can easily be adapted to introduce air under the pot and timed flood periods to suit your specific needs.

We have designed our Megapot systems with ease of use for hydroponic growers in mind.

Our UK Produced revolutionary system has been carefully designed to allow the greatest possible results from the growing space that is being utilised. Materials are sourced from some of the countries best known manufacturing facilities ensuring an unmatched, continuing quality assurance allowing your plants to grow healthily in ideal conditions.

Megapot products can be used from planting through to harvest utilising your favourite nutrient ranges and hydroponic substrates.

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