MegaPot Multi Pot System

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Multi-pot 4 Pot System 4 pot 16 litres gravity fed system made for growers who like shorter plant cycle lengths.

The Multi-Pot is an easy to use gravity fed system that uses just 1 valve to feed 4 plants. Easy to set up! – only 1 valve Perfect layout for 4 x 16L pots Pots are raised just 10mm off the ground for maximum headroom Can be modular for larger spaces Can be used with air curtains


  • 1 x 80cm x 80cm multi-pot tray
  • 4 x 16 litre root pouches
  • 1 x mega valve
  • 1 x hose tail
  • 4x 16 litre pots for growers who like shorter plant cycle lengths
  • Measuring 80cm x 80cm the footprint is perfect for 4x 16 litre pots!

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