MegaPot Single Pot 56L Complete Kits

Size: 4 Pot Kit
Sale price£198.95


The most comprehensive kits for MegaPot on the market. These kits give you everything you’ll need to smash your grow. We’ve worked with the guys at MegaPot to bring you a complete kit, meaning you don’t need to think of anything else apart from how many pots you can fit in your space.

The MegaPot system is gravity fed, meaning no electronics and an easy set-up. With kits ranging from a 4 pot right up to 48pot you’ll be able to find the right size kit to fit your space. The innovative features and intuitive design, means growers can use bigger pots to achieve bigger yields with fewer plants.

Kits include:- 

  • Megapot Module.
  • Fabric pot.
  • Porous pipe ring to fit your module.
  • Hailea air pump (20l/h). Airline pipe.
  • Plant-it water timer.
  • Ice line irrigation pipe.
  • All fittings needed for pipe work.
  • Flexi tank.
  • Air manifold.
  • Golf Ball Air stone for tank.

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