Monkey Nutrients Bloom (A&B)

Size: 1L
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A and B bloom follows on from vegative state to give your plants everything they need as they begin to flower and fruit. It helps the plant take on the nutrients it needs to increase the size and weight of your yields.

  • Helps the plant produce bigger and heavier fruits.
  • Encourages fast nutrient uptake.
  • Designed to be PH balanced.
  • You can use in any growing media you'd like.

How It Works.

Monkey A and B bloom contains all the nutrients needed to get bigger and heavier yield , it's been designed to allow your plants to quickly take up nutrients to ensure they get everything they need at this crucial time of growing.

The concentration levels of the nutrients have been carefully thought about to make them easy to work with, with the peace of mind of being PH stable. There's no need to add any other nutrient, this is a perfect all rounder.

How To Use.

It couldn't be easier to use monkey nutrients

  • 2.5ml per litre for the first week of flower.
  • 3ml per litre by the end of week eight of flower.

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