Monkey Nutrients Boost

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Monkey Nutrients Monkey Boost


Nothing artificial here just pure natural plant extracts. This product is a real metabolism stimulator. It will help your plant increase the size and weight of its flower, while also increasing the natural aroma and oil production perfect if you want to extract as well.

  • Huge weight gain in final post harvest.
  • Perfect blend of natural plant extracts.
  • Boost aroma.
  • Increased oil production of flower, perfect for extracting.

How It Works.

A mix of plant extracted bio-stimulants allows your plant to take on the right level of nutrients to increase its final flower not only in weight but also in oil production and aroma.

How To Use.

It couldn't be easier to use Monkey Nutrients.

•1-2ml per litre from day five of flowering right through till end of week eight..

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