Monkey Nutrients Grow (A&B)

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Monkey Nutrients - Monkey Grow A & B 


Monkey nutrients message is a simple one. Give your plants what they need to get the results you want. UK made, this company is a product of over 20 years of experience in the nutrient and hydroponic industry. After years of testing the final product is a complete range of nutrients that is probably the best quality around today.

  • Contains all 17 essential nutrients including NPK and Micro elements
  • Easy to use Nutrient, it's a two part product that can be used in Soil, Coco or Hydro
  • Encourages fast nutrient uptake
  • Designed to be PH stable

How it works.

Monkey A and B contains the main 17 nutrients you need to start your plants off, it's been designed to allow your plants to quickly take up nutrients to ensure they get the best start in life. The concentration levels of the nutrients have been carefully thought about to make them easy to work with, with the peace of mind of being PH stable. Making the life of the professional grower that bit easier.

How To Use.

It couldn't be easier to use Monkey nutrients.

•1ml per litre for the first week.

•2ml per litre by week 4 of veg.

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