Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot

Size: 300ml
Sale price£40.00


This product was a long time coming, it took over two years to develop, it was definitely worth the wait. Monkey Nutrients consider this their flagship product.

Root shoot not only stimulates root mass, increases fine root hairs and improves lateral root growth. This speeds up the plant's growth of new roots through the entire lifecycle.

  • Speeds up new root growth.
  • Boosts fine root hair.
  • Lateral hair growth is increased .
  • Quickly builds root mass on your plants.
  • Boosts fine root hair.

How It Works. 

Monkey nutrients have used only the finest all natural plant extracts. Which has helped develop a root stimulator that targets all aspects of root growth including, root mass, fine root hairs and lateral root growth.

How To Use. 

It couldn’t be easier to use Monkey Nutrients.

• 3ml per 10litres (0.3 per litre) from week one of veg right through to the end of week five of flowering.

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