Monkey Nutrients Stress

Size: 250ml
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This nutrient gives your plant all it needs to defend itself against unwanted pests and diseases.

Think of it like a shield and armour. Not only that but it also gives the plant the nutrients it needs to repair itself in the unfortunate event that some unwanted guests attack.

  • Added folic acid.
  • Strengthens cell walls
  • Makes it harder for pests to detect the plant
  • Increase nutrient intake
  • Regulates water loss

How it works.

Silca acid helps to protect your plant from attack by strengthening the plants cell walls and helping to regulate water loss. It also stops pests detecting your plant as a food source. They have also added some folic acid in, to give your plant another boost of health, which you don't get in many silca products. This product is high in concentration so will last a very long time compared to other products out there.

How to use.

It couldn't be easier to use Monkey Nutrients.

• 2ml per 10lires throughout the veg and flower stages.

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