Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer

Size: 500ml
Sale price£29.95


Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer is a unique additive designed to be used from the start to the finish of your plants lifecycle.

Moonshine works on a few different levels; firstly it stimulates root growth which allows the plant to uptake more water and nutrients. This effect by its self will give your plants the kick they need to get off to a flying start.

The most amazing effect of Moonshine is what it does to the nutrients within the plant. Moonshine is comprised of extremely tiny particles that carry a negative electromagnetic charge that naturally attracts positively charged particles (also known as cations) such as magnesium, calcium, carbon as well as a whole range of trace elements and other nutrients which enables roots to assimilate them with much greater ease.

Using moonshine as a regular additive to your nutrient solution allows you to use less nutrients as well as boosting the growth and stamina of your plants which leads to healthier and sturdier plants with improved resistance to pathogens and disease.

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