Newa Microjet Water Pumps

Size: Microjet MC320
Sale price£12.95


The Microjet is a compact and reliable adjustable flow rate water pump. Microjet pumps are used in the GT range of NFT systems as standard. The Microjets have very low power consumption.

Each Microjet pump is supplied with instructions and comes wired ready to use with 2m of cable and 13amp plug. The Microjet pump has a removable foam filter that stops particles from entering the pump, this needs to be cleaned regularly or the pump could stop working. In hard water areas we strongly recommend descaling your Microjet water pump periodically to stop hardwater deposits building up.

When using the plastic joiner on the pump it fits 13mm flexible or standard pipe, both of these can be a little loose so would need some sealant or a ratchet clip. When used with the GT NFT systems you dispense with the plastic joiner piece and wedge 10mm supply tube into the hole which gives a very tight fit.

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