Newport Butane

Size: Newport Butane 400ml - 1 Can
Sale price£2.50


Please note we are only able to ship products containing butane to the UK. Orders made from elsewhere will be refunded. If you'd like further information, please give us a call.  Europe's #1 butane gas is now available from BHO Hardware. Newport Ultra Purified Butane is clean, with near zero impurities, keeping your extraction as pure as possible.

Every cap comes with a selection of 8 adaptor tips for easy filling, wherever you're using your butane. Newport's Ultra Purified Butane is produced in the United Kingdom at Newport's Keen plant. You'll notice the Near Zero logo on the butane, this refers to the purity of the product, which has almost zero impurities. Newport butane is a high-quality companion to your BHO extraction. Use Newport Ultra Purified Butane Gas for noticeably clean extraction.

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