ONA Blocks 170g

Size: ONA Block Apple Crumble 170g
Sale price£9.95


Available in a variety of scents, ONA Blocks are a fast and easy way to fight against odours at their source in small sized areas. 

Not a masking agent but a genuine odour neutraliser, these blocks work better and more consistently than air fresheners which simply cover up odours.

They're also environmentally friendly and non-toxic meaning they can be used near pets and plants. The lifetime of the ONA Block will vary but it will be effective for about 4 weeks relative to airflow and environment.

Simply open and expose to the air or remove the block from its container, or to increase the surface area further you can grate some of the wax block into a bowl. If you need to decrease the exposure then small holes can be drilled into the lid to regulate the amount of air contact and ultimately the dispersion of the Block.

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