ONA Gels Various Sizes

Size: ONA Gel 400g Jar
Type: ONA Gel Fresh Linen
Sale price£9.45


ONA Gel is an incredibly powerful odour neutraliser which permanently eliminates even the nastiest odours, and it's environmentally friendly and non-toxic making it safe to use around pets and plants. Unlike air fresheners it's not a masking agent but an odour neutralisation agent: once the Gel is exposed to atmosphere the ONA particles disperse through natural evaporation and any odourous molecules they come into contact with will be neutralised.

Available in a variety of scents and sizes, this Gel is ONA's most popular product and is practical for almost any odour problem - just remove the lid and leave the pot near the area in question so that the Gel can naturally evaporate and disperse through the air. This is great if you only have one small area that needs treatment, however if there is a larger area that needs to be neutralised then ONA's fan-type dispenser will greatly increase distribution (the Breeze Fan is designed to fit on the 1 and 4 litre pots).

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