Phresh Inline Carbon Filter

Size: Phresh InLine Filter (150x500) 700m3/hr
Sale price£205.95


Versatile filtration for smaller and unusual grow spaces!

Light for easy installation anywhere in your grow room set up!

Features a Phresh carbon filter and same great carbon qualities and assurances!

Can also be used in combination with a traditional filter to double-filtrate the air!

A fully sealed aluminium housing that contains a standard Phresh filter. Designed to be used ‘inline’, similar to lights and fans, air is forced through the entire filter and cannot be bypassed, eliminating any unused sections of the filter.

Easy to hang, Phresh Inline Filters can be conveniently located inside or outside the grow room, prior to the exhaust point.

  • Phresh InLine Filter (150x500) 700m3/hr,
  • Phresh InLine Filter (200x600) 1000m3/hr,
  • Phresh InLine Filter (250x600) 1200m3/hr,
  • Phresh InLine Filter (315x600) 19503/hr


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