PowerPlant 25w UV/FR LED Tube (2 Pack)

Sale price£174.95


The PowerPlant Tube 25w UV/FR LED is a tube-format supplementary light which adds UVA (365nm, 385nm & 395nm) and Far-Red (730nm) wavelengths to your grow light spectrum. It does not provide the full spectrum of light which plants require. Using the hanging brackets provided, a pair of Tube LEDs can be added to most multi-bar LED Fixtures to increase yield and quality of crops, stimulate growth and promote flowering. They may also be hung alongside any other type of full spectrum grow lighting. Both Tubes, when linked, are powered from one mains power socket and can be scheduled by means of a timer. An array of up to 36 linked tubes can be powered from one 13 A power socket.  

Key selling points: 

  • Adds UVA (365, 385 & 395 nm) to the grow light spectrum 
  • Adds Far Red (730 nm) to the grow light spectrum 
  • Can be hung from the frame of any multi-bar LED fixture 
  • Can be used as supplementary lighting with any other type of grow lighting 
  • Up to 36 tubes can be powered directly from one 13 A mains outlet 

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