Pulsar 600W HPS Lighting Kit

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Pulsar Time To Shine Lighting Kit!

Each Kit Contains The Following:
-Pulsar 250W-660W Digital Power Pack
-Euro Reflector
-600W Dual Spectrum Pulsar HPS Bulb
-Pair of Rope Ratchets

Pulsar 600w Ballast
The Pulsar 600W Digital Ballast has set the benchmark for digital ballast technology. It is a user-friendly ballast that is suitable for gardeners of all levels of experience.
Pulsar 600w HPS Bulb
The Pulsar, Dual Spectrum, HPS SON-T bulb is a fantastic replacement bulb which can be used with any 240V/600W lighting system. Suitable for both magnetic and digital power packs
Euro Reflector
The Pulsar Euro reflector features highly reflective, dimpled aluminium sheeting for higher light reflectivity and a more even spread of light. An E40 lamp holder makes it compatible with any standard HPS or Metal Halide bulb.

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