Rock Resinator - Heavy yields

Size: 1L
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Rock resinator is a revolutionary product focused around increasing quality and America’s number one flowering enhancer.

Rock Resinator is a bloom and flowering additive which will dramatically increase essential oil production and flower mass through delivering the highest quality soluble potash, organic acids and amino acids directly to your plant’s flowering sites.

  • use with all grow systems

  • compatible any media


Rock Resinator comprises of an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium which is designed to give your plants precisely what they require to expand in size and increase the weight of their flowers. 

Rock Resinator uses cutting edge blending techniques to provide a consistent and reliable product that contains absolutely no PGRs, so you can guarantee that your end product will be the cleanest and highest quality it can be. 

Rock Resinator is concentrated, suitable for use in all grow systems and can be used with all kinds of growing medium. It should be used from the second week of flowering up until your flushing period at a rate of 1-2ml per litre dependant on your plant’s requirements and its stage of development. 

Best used in conjunction with flavour and aroma enhancers such as terpinator and terpines

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