SB Plant Invigorator

Size: SB Plant Invigorator Concentrate 250ml
Sale price£12.95


SB Plant Invigorator is a tried and tested product for controlling insect infestations including whitefly, aphids, mealy bugs, scale insects and even spider mites. Unlike other pesticide products SB Plant Invigorator works through physical action rather than chemical.

The ingredient within SB Plant Invigorator that kills the insects works by blocking spiracles* on the insects body which stops the insects from breathing. Excessive and prolonged use of pesticides that work through chemical action can lead to insects developing a resistance to the active ingredient. As SB Plant Invigorator works through physical action the insects cannot become resistant to it’s effects. This also means that SB Plant Invigorator is non-systemic, therefore it has no harvest interval and can be used up to the day of harvest.  

SB Plant Invigorator also doubles as a foliar feed as it supplies your plants with a solution rich in iron and nitrogen that will help to produce vigorous, lush, healthy vegetative growth and maintain a vibrant green shine in your plants.   Available in 500ml RTU Spray Bottle Spiracles: Openings on the exoskeleton of insects that allows air to enter the trachea.

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