Silver Bullet Mist

Size: Silver Bullet Mist 500ml (Spray Bottle)
Sale price£12.95


Silver Bullet Mist is a peroxide treatment that has been greatly enhanced by cleverly combining it with silver. The chemical bonding of the silver makes the peroxide super effective at killing microbes and far longer lasting once in the tank.

Silver Bullet Mist destroys 99.99% of grow room problems, such as grey mould (botrytis), powdery mildew, Pythium, Fusarium, Yellow and Brown leaf spot. Silver Bullet Mist comes ready to use in your grow room to sterilise surfaces and equipment.

It is completely safe for established plants because the main active ingredient is H2O2, a molecule made biologically by plants/animals/humans as a defence mechanism.

Silver Bullet Mist is suitable for any grow room surface, including systems, components, grow tents and growing surfaces.

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