Silver White LightTite Sheeting

Size: 1 Mtr
Sale price£3.95


Silver White Lightite Sheeting is a yield increasing silver reflector applied to white gloss grow sheeting. Silver White Lightite Sheeting offers the advantage of thermal and infra red reflection meaning you get the most usable light possible from your lamps.

  • Diffuses the light supply 
  • Enhanced overall plant growth
  • Yield increasing. 
  • Thermal Reflecting
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Helps prevent mould and algae growth
  • Stimulates vigorous growth
  • Incredibly strong to prevent rips and tears
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Washable-safe to use 5% bleach solution
  • UK manufactured food grade material

Silver White Lightite Sheeting is over 125 microns thick and is PET coated to protect against wear and corrosion, you can feel safe in the knowledge that this sheeting will last you through multiple grows with no issues.  As well as this Silver White Lightite Sheeting is 100% light tight so none of your light will be wasted due to leakage!

For professional sheeting at an affordable price Silver White Lightite Sheeting is a fantastic option, while this sheeting doesn't offer the same heat distribution as diamond sheetings the spectrum enhanced silver reflector ensures you more than makeup for that in the amount of usable light cast back at your plants.

Warning: Contains layers of pure aluminium, which will, therefore, block or severally inhibit, mobile phone, radio & wireless broadband signals, from areas or objects which are covered/coated with these products.

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