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Introducing Skyhigh's Cal Mag Bloom – a revolutionary flowering formula that will elevate your growing experience to new heights. This innovative solution leverages plant-derived Calcium, expertly formulated to maximize bioavailability and deliver essential nutrients more effectively. But that's not all – Skyhigh's formula is also enriched with synergistic Boron to improve nutrient mobility and reduce deficiencies. With a balanced Magnesium supply, this formula boosts chlorophyll production for vibrant, healthy foliage.

Unlike traditional Cal Mag products, Skyhigh's CMB is nitrate-free and includes vital amino acids for enhanced bulk building and density. Packed with surfactants, plant extracts, and phenolic compounds, this formula stimulates secondary metabolite production for improved flavour, aroma, and maturation.

Skyhigh's Cal Mag Bloom goes above and beyond, featuring anti-stress factors like anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to protect against UV damage and produce clean, ripe fruits. Whether applied through watering or foliar spray, Skyhigh's CMB


- Dilute 1-4ml of Skyhigh's Cal Mag Bloom per liter with every watering.
- For foliar application, use 10ml per liter under low light conditions for full coverage.

For foliar application, please use 10ml/L and achieve a full covering under low light level conditions.

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