SMS Hybrid Controllers 4A/8A/16A

Type: 4 Amp Hybrid Controller Mk2
Sale price£289.00


SMS Hybrid Controller

Keeping a grow room at a consistent temperature can be a difficult task especially when you’re trying to cool the room whilst the lights are on, and then maintain a high enough temperature when the lights are off. A lot of growers will settle on higher day temperatures in order to maintain a decent night time temperature which is far from ideal. High daytime temperatures will lead to decreased quality of your end product. Cold night time temperatures will slow or even stop growth if it is cold enough, resulting in lower yields.

Using a thermostatically controlled fan speed controller will help to keep your room at ideal temperatures during day and night periods. If your room temperature starts to rise above your desired setting, your fans will increase in speed in order to cool the room and when the temperature drops, the fans will decrease in speed helping to preserve heat. Most thermostatically controlled fan speed controllers create a deep, electrical humming sound in the fans due to the way in which the fan speed is regulated. The SMS Hybrid controller uses a different mechanism to control fan speeds without creating this deep hum. The ideal product for those who strive for the perfect environment but who need it silent.

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