SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller 4.5amp Mk2

Sale price£94.95


The SMSCOM Twin Controller gives you the possibility to easily control your inlet and exhaust fans in your grow room, creating optimal negative air pressure in your environment.


  • Control IN & OUT fans 
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable settings for temperature and min/max speeds
  • Smooth fan operation with SMSCOM “Motion Flow” software  smooth fan operation
  • No peaks in fan speed
  • Accurate and maintained temperature to +/-1°c
  • Perfectly synced fans GUARANTEE negative pressure
  • Compatible with most sizes of fans due to high power capacity
  • Includes 3-metre long temperature probe

Whether you’re a busy grower with not much time to care endlessly for your plants, or a perfectionist grower aiming to get all the right environmental conditions perfect – the SMSCOM Twin Controller has something to offer.

Unlike other controllers, the SMSCOM Twin Controller is software controlled. The SMSCOM Software will spend around five minutes scanning your grow room to make a calculated evaluation for a steady increase or decrease of your fans, creating the optimal temperature for your plants. This software ensures a more even temperature flow, better operation of your fans and prevents humming.  

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