Solistek 1000W Metal Halide ( MH ) Double Ended ( DE ) 6K Lamp Bulb

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Solistek 1000w DE Bulbs

The SolisTek 1000w Double Ended Lamp range features some of the highest output double ended lamps currently on the market. All lamps are optimized for specific periods of a plants life cycle. By using the entire SolisTek Double Ended Lamp range you will be giving your plants everything they could possibly need from a lighting source and provide a perfect spectrum to grow and thrive.

All lamps use premium quality quartz glass for enhanced spectral output and penetration, resulting in higher yields of superior quality.

Ultra-high frequency SolisTek Double Ended Lamps are made for the very best in sunlight replication.

Features UV balancing inside the lamps.

Designed for commercial growers and hobby growers.

All lamps produce high light levels of up to 2,100 umol.

Covers the entire grow and bloom cycle of a plants life, leading to more vigorous plants with a higher quality end product.

SolisTek 2K 1000w HPS Lamp, used for the flowering period.

SolisTek 4K 1000w Daylight Lamp, used for the veg and early flower.

SolisTek 6K 1000w Dark Blue Lamp, used for vegetation, promoting tight inter nodes and bushy growth.

Depreciation rate of 5% at 10,000 hours of use for all lamps.

For use in 230v fixtures - don't use in 400v fixtures.

Please note: Solistek Lamps are only for use with Digital Ballasts.

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