Superthrive Vitamin Solution

Size: Superthrive 120ml
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The world renowned SUPERthrive is a great plant tonic and general growth promoter.

Plants require more than one vitamin for optimum performance. SUPER thrive is full of vitamins & hormones.

SUPERthrive is not a fertiliser but an additive.

Use SUPERthrive on any plant at any stage of growth or flower. On indoor plants, it brings out more new flower and leaf buds. On outdoor plants and bare rooted plants, it starts new root development and foliage action. It helps develop earlier and larger flowers.Application:

  • on seeds to help during germination and get earlier vegetable and flower crops

  • to revive sick plants or to help plants recover from any stress.

  • to guard against transplant shock.

SUPERTHRIVE will produce dramatically healthier plants.

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