CX Horticulture Tanlin 20ml (Fungus Gnats & Springtails)

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Safe, non toxic nutrient additive used to keep growing media and root system free of unwanted visitors.

Contains Chitin


Shake well before use. As a preventative, add to regular feed once a week at 1ml (40 drops) per 100ltrs. For more intensive use, treat every three days using the following methods:

Mix 1 drop per 2lts of water and thoroughly drench growing medium.

Add to nutrient reservoir at 1ml (40 drops) per 100ltrs. If medium is not completely saturated by your watering system, saturate by hand watering.

Even saturation increases effectiveness. Do not use hydrogen peroxide at any time during treatment. Exceeding stated dose is not harmful to plants.

Tanlin is Biological treatment for fungus gnat (Scariad Fly). It is a completely safe, non toxic nutrient additive used to keep root system free of unwanted visitors. It is has an extremely high dilution rate giving the grower a product that can also be used as a preventative measure against these troublesome pests without breaking the bank.

General Information

Tanlin is to be added to your nutrient solution and gets to work at the source of the problem by killing the larvae that are laid by the adult flies around the roots of the plant. It is these larvae that do the damage to your plants by eating away at the roots. Tanlin works by depositing a small crystal by the roots of the plant that the larvae eat. This crystal then swells inside of the larvae causing it to burst and die. You will notice that after a period of time the number of fly's in the grow room will start to diminish as the larva are being wiped out.


  • Effective fungus gnat treatment
  • Can be used up until harvest
  • Suitable for use in any substrate or hydroponic system
  • Extremely high dilution rate

How to Use

Tanlin is effective in all types of hydroponic systems as well as in soil, compost and coco fibre. There is no withholding period and it can be used right up to harvest.

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