Techboost EX:EL Foliar Spray

Size: 1L Foliar Spray
Sale price£17.95


Techboost EX:EL Pre-Mixed Foliar Spray 


  • Bio-stimulant foliar spray

  • Prevents nutrient lock-out 

  • Reduces heat stress

  • Encourages even nutrient uptake

  • More polyphenols for all plant related issues. 

  • Increases new plant growth + extra shoots for a vigorous canopy

  • Promotes new root growth

  • 5.8PH


Raise lamps and directly spray onto plants in full light. Techboost EX:EL will be absorbed into the plant within 20 minutes. Use twice weekly all the way through vegative growth till the second week of the flowering period.  


This product is formulated with high quality seaweed, unique amino acids and innovative active foliar technology (AFT). 

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