Top Spin Drippers / Manifolds

Type: Top Spin + 16mm Elbow
Sale price£20.95


TopSpin Dripper Manifolds act as pressure regulators to ensure even water distribution to every plant. The TopSpin Dripper Manifold Tee or Elbow easily fits onto 13mm standard or flexible tube. Single TopSpin Drippers Manifolds need a water pump with a flow rate of 1000 litres per hour, multiple Topspin manifolds up to 4 in total will need a larger pump with a flow rate of 2000 litre per hour.

  • 12 x Drippers
  • 1m Dripper lines
  • 2 litre per hour flow rate
  • Use 2 or more drippers for larger pots
  • Fits 13mm tube

Available with tees and elbows 

Spare/replacement Drippers Available in Packs of 12 with dripper head pre fitted to a pre cut 1m length of dripper line 

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