Twist 'N' Lock Grow Pot - Large 15 litre Container Pot with Saucer

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Introducing the Twist 'N' Lock Maxi Pot Growing pot!

It's hard to think you could revolutionize a plant pot, but these Twist 'N' Lock Grow Pots, also sold under the name of Maxi Pots elsewhere are a little revolution for the home grower of all plants!

From Fruit Trees to tomatoes and peppers or potatoes, these containers are wonderful - and it's not just for food crops in containers, once tried, these will replace your usual patio planters for their sheer ease of watering and sturdiness. Thanks to their clever design, we've found them resistant to blowing over, even with taller plants, plus, the integral saucer means you can be sure your plants are going to have plenty of water and nutrients at all times - no more worries about flowers of fruit getting dry on those hot sunny days with these, as they'll have their own personal reservoir on which to draw - hydroponic growers are also sure to love them too.

Each pot is a generous 15 liter capacity, and each will lock in to the base saucer nicely to act as a reservoir, the design also has another feature in that you can lock the pot above the saucer too, which allows excess water to drain away from the roots, twist it round, and you can lock it back in to its reservoir to absorb the water held their. Considerately constructed from recycled materials, they are very strong, and we think they're ideal for producing bumper crops of your favorite patio veg, or for a dazzling display of cascading summer flowers.

- Maximum Growth, allowing excellent drainage and air circulation to the roots.

- Maximum Protection, when the frosts set in the pot can be left in the up position reducing the risk of severe frost damage and also protects from those crawling pests.

- Maximum Savings, uses up to 90% less water than a conventional pot.

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