Vitalink Coir Max (A&B)

Size: 1L
Sot or Hard Water?: Soft
Sale price£14.95


VitaLink Coir  is the best choice when growing with coco-based mediums, VitaLink designed the Coir range to cater specifically to the needs of coco. Coco-based mediums have significantly raised concentrations of potassium than other growing mediums so VitaLink Coir  is designed to compensate for this by containing less potassium than multi-purpose nutrient solutions. This reduced the risk of damage to your plants by potassium overdose and makes sure the nutrients they receive are in the correct dosages and ratios.

VitaLink Choir  also contains a huge number of other beneficial nutrients for your plants such as Vitamin B1 which increases root growth and keeps your plants healthy and stress free, Humic Acid, which aids in the uptake and transportation of minerals and nutrients and Fulvic Acid which enhances the absorption capabilities of your roots.

Please note: We stock VitaLink Coir in both Hard and Soft Water formulations. Please ensure you order the right formula for your water type!

Hard water is much richer in minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium than soft water, it is important to use the right feeds for your water type. One easy way to tell if you live in a hard water area is check for white chalky residue on your showerhead, kettle or sinks, this is limescale and means you live in a hard water area. If you still don't know you can also purchase a water test kit at any major home store.

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