Vitalink Earth Max Bloom

Size: 1L
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One Part Nutrient for Easy Growing in Soil & Compost

  • A professional one-part plant nutrient specifically developed for growing in soil /compost

  • Optimal NPK ratio for outstanding growth, flowering and fruiting stages

  • The unique one-part formulation makes it extremely simple to use

  • Contains the full range of nutrients required by plants in one bottle

VitaLink Earth MAX Grow and Bloom are balanced one-part nutrients which are very easy to use and ideal for growing a variety of plants in a wide range of potting mixes. They improve soil health and its properties by maintaining the balance between nutrient load and biological life. This nutrient contains fulvic acid and chelated micronutrients to improve plants uptake of nutrient solution, resulting in better photosynthesis and vigorous growth and flowering.

VitaLink Earth MAX nutrients are ideal for hand-watering, as well as for use in gravity feeding systems and automatic irrigation. The mixed nutrient solution is highly stable.

Usage instructions:

Shake well before use. If required adjust the pH. Recommended pH range 5.8-6.5. VitaLink Pro Soil is the optimum media for use with Earth MAX nutrients. If you are using soil that is not calcium enriched and you are in a very soft water area then we recommend the use of VitaLink CalMag at half strength (0.5 ml/L) during the growth stage.

Earth MAX Bloom

Use at 3-4 ml/L.

We recommend that you always maintain at least the minimum recommended dose rate for your plants stage of development. The base feed is the foundation of healthy plant growth. Carefully selected additive use can then maximize this potential but it can never replace it.

Available in 1 L, 5 L and 10 L bottles.

VitaLink’s range of nutrients do not adversely affect the flavour of herbs, vegetables, salad, fruits and other plants grown for consumption.

Enhance your plants growth by using VitaLink additives alongside Earth MAX Grow and Earth MAX Bloom nutrients.

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